Are you planning a trip to the cultural and vibrant capital of Manitoba, Canada? Are looking for a pocket-friendly and cheap things to do in Winnipeg? Winnipeg offers many fun and affordable activities for visitors.

Whether you are looking for some history, nature, or culture, you can find it in Winnipeg without breaking the bank


From its lush parks to its rich history.

Dive into our list of cheap things to do in Winnipeg for an unforgettable year-round experience.

Our Top 7 Cheap Things to Do in Winnipeg

Explore the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Cheap Things to Do in Winnipeg
Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a must-visit, Winnipeg’s iconic landmark. As the world’s first museum devoted to human rights evolution, it offers a deeper understanding of humanity’s struggle for rights. Inspired by Canadian landscape and symbols, the architecture alone is worth a visit.

Adult tickets are $21, seniors and students $17, youth (7-17) $10, and children (6 and under) enter free.

Better yet, visit on the first Wednesday of each month from 5 pm to 9 pm for free access.

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Unwind at Assiniboine Park

Assiniboine Park Conservancy

Assiniboine Park, among Canada’s oldest and largest urban parks, is your haven for relaxation and nature. Wander through the picturesque English Garden or admire the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden’s bronze masterpieces.

Visit the Pavilion Gallery Museum to marvel at local artists’ work or watch a free concert at the Lyric Theatre during summer.

For the daring, explore Assiniboine Forest, home to diverse wildlife and plants.

Best of all, entry to these attractions is free.

Experience The Forks National Historic Site

Cheap Things to Do in Winnipeg
Forks National Historic Site

Over four million visitors each year flock to The Forks National Historic Site, Winnipeg’s bustling meeting point. Discover local crafts and food at The Forks Market at the convergence of the Red and Assiniboine rivers. 


Take the city’s view from The Forks Tower, or glide on the world’s longest naturally frozen skating trail in winter.

Embark on a guided or audio tour to uncover The Forks’ rich past and exciting secrets. This experience is also free of charge.

Dive into History at the Manitoba Museum

Cheap Things to Do in Winnipeg
Photo by Manitoba Historical Society

The province’s largest Manitoba Museum takes you on a journey through Manitoba’s natural and human history. From dinosaur fossils to Indigenous artifacts, there’s so much to discover. 

Visit the Planetarium for an immersive astronomy experience, or try hands-on science experiments at the Science Gallery. 

Adult tickets cost $18, seniors and students $15, and children (3-11) $11, with toddlers (2 and under) entering free. There are also free visiting days throughout the year.

Discover Wildlife at Assiniboine Park Zoo

Cheap Things to Do in Winnipeg
By Travel Manitoba

Visit the Assiniboine Park Zoo, one of Winnipeg’s top attractions, to encounter more than 200 species of animals from around the globe.

Experience the Arctic landscape at the Journey to Churchill exhibit, featuring polar bears, seals, wolves, caribou, and snowy owls. Adult tickets are $22.50, seniors and students $18.50, children (3-12) $11.50, and infants (2 and under) enter free.

Uncover Secrets of the Manitoba Legislative Building

Manitoba Legislative Building

Take a free guided tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building, the majestic government seat. You’ll be engrossed in Manitoba and Canada’s culture and history, from the golden boy statue to neoclassical design elements.

Indulge at The Forks Market

The Forks Market

Visit The Forks Market, a shopper’s paradise after your Winnipeg exploration. Housed in former railway repair buildings, it offers everything from local crafts to antiques.

Enjoy diverse food court offerings or relax with a craft beer at The Common. Open daily from 7 am to 11 pm, another free admission point in Winnipeg.

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What is the Best Time to Visit Winnipeg?

Choosing the perfect time for your Winnipeg visit depends primarily on your interests and the activities you plan to pursue. Each season paints a unique picture of the city, offering different experiences.

Summer Delights: Embrace the Great Outdoors

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who relishes warm temperatures, July and August are ideal.

During this period, average temperatures fluctuate between 60°F (15°C) and 79°F (26°C), perfect for hiking, biking, canoeing, and visiting parks. 

Be ready for a bustling city, as this peak tourist season might entail crowds and slightly elevated prices. Additionally, as these are the wettest months, occasional rain and thunderstorms may be a part of your experience.

Fall Magic: Quiet and Budget-friendly

If a tranquil, budget-friendly vacation appeals to you, consider visiting Winnipeg in October or November. Temperatures dip to an average range of 34°F (1°C) to 52°F (11°C), setting the stage for stunning fall foliage views.

Remember to pack warm clothing as winter begins to creep in, often introducing frost and early snowfalls.

Winter Wonderland: Thrills in the Chill

December and January are best suited for winter sports lovers who aren’t deterred by chilly weather. Temperatures can plummet to as low as 2°F (-17°C) and only climb to about 16°F (-9°C), creating a magical backdrop for ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing, and winter festivals.

Packing heavy winter gear is necessary, and be prepared for possible blizzards and ice storms.

Spring Awakening: City Exploration and Wildlife

If observing spring blossoms and wildlife appeals to you, plan your trip in April or May. With temperatures oscillating between 36°F (2°C) and 58°F (14°C), this is an inviting time to uncover city attractions like museums, markets, and historic sites.

However, be prepared for spring’s unpredictability, which might bring temperature shifts, rainfall, and winter slush and mud remnants.

In a nutshell, there are many cheap and adventurous things to do in Winnipeg. Explore this culturally rich city, making unforgettable memories without stretching your budget.


It is a city with a year-round appeal. Your ideal time to visit depends entirely on your preferences and the experiences you seek in this diverse city.


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