Czechia (or the Czech Republic, as it is more commonly known in English) is the latest country to join the digital nomad visa craze. With more than 30 countries offering new visas for remote workers, Czechia hopes to attract non-citizens who want to experience its beautiful architecture, rich culture, and lively Prague nightlife.

What is Digital Nomad Visa?

A digital nomad visa is a type of visa that allows you to work remotely in a different country from your employer or business. It is a temporary residence permit that usually lasts for one or two years, but can sometimes be extended.


It lets you enjoy the benefits of living in another country, such as lower living costs, different cultures, and new experiences, without changing your job or income source. It also helps you avoid legal and tax issues that may arise from working in a foreign country without a proper visa.

Different countries have different requirements and benefits for their digital nomad visas. Some of them may ask you to prove your income level, your health insurance, or your educational background.

Why You Should Consider Czechia?

Czech is your next choice whether you are a digital nomad searching for your next destination or a traveler looking for a rich cultural experience.

Here are reasons why you should consider Czech:

  • For digital nomads, Czechia emerges as a champion, offering affordable accommodations, coworking spaces, and economical local transport and entertainment options.
  • In Prague, the capital city of Czechia, digital nomads can find themselves working from cafes close to architectural marvels. The city offers a vibrant yet serene backdrop for creativity to flourish.
  • After a productive workday, relax at one of Czechia’s historic breweries. The country boasts the highest beer consumption per capita globally, offering digital nomads a variety of local beers to explore and enjoy while delving into the nation’s rich beer culture.
  • The Czech Republic offers digital nomads the perfect work-life balance, with numerous parks and natural reserves to explore during downtime.
  •  Work from historic towns and be inspired by castles like Karlštejn and Český Krumlov, which narrate tales from a bygone era. This blend of the old and the new world can foster a rich ground for creative and innovative thinking.
  • As a digital nomad, you will find an array of cultural experiences to delve into. Enjoy a concert celebrating the works of Czech composers such as Dvořák, offering a well-rounded cultural experience for expats and travelers alike.
  • With its digital nomad visa, the Czech Republic will offer an enriching environment for digital nomads and travelers. 

Are you ready to make Czechia your next adventure destination?

The Czech Republic Digital Nomad Visa

But there’s a twist: The visa is aimed at solving the country’s shortage of IT professionals, so you’ll need to have a specific skill set. This is similar to Canada’s recent program that targets STEM professionals for its digital nomad visa.

To be eligible for Czechia’s digital nomad visa, you’ll need to have a STEM degree or three years of IT work experience, and earn at least 1.5 times the Czech average gross salary of CZK 60,530 (about $2,700 per month). You can work as a freelancer with a Czech business license or for a foreign company with more than 50 employees. The visa costs only CZK 60,530 (around $112) and is valid for one year. After that, you can apply for a residence permit.

If you’re a STEM expert who dreams of living in Czechia, you can find out more about how to apply for a visa here.


Don’t have STEM skills? Don’t worry! Most countries that offer digital nomad visas don’t require you to work in a specific field. You can also check out other options like Cologne, Finland, UK Youth Mobility…


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